Hit&Run is a fast response movement of Covid-19 in Jatiwangi; as a way to hacking the government system and also the citizen which is not ready yet with the crisis situation. Together with the motorbike gangster, Hit&Run distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) to the hospital and medical workers in the region, also distributed food and healthy supplement to medical workers, neighbours and the affected people in the region. Hit&Run movement runs by the open source model; both idea, finance or material.

HIt&Run Free Food
This is a collaboration project with Apamart; Jaf’s monthly market that invite young entrepreneurs, creative and local businessman in Majalengka, together with Rempah Embassy; a public spice service agency that using herbs and spices (rempah) as a pretext who tries to collect the stories, myths nor historical facts, and cultivate in the fresh way. This project opens the opportunity for the everyone isolating at home who still wants to support, in solidarity, taking action in the Covid-19 situation by buying the traditional herbal drinks and healthy food produced by Rempah Embassy and distributed by Apamart with terms and conditions; for example, if you buy 3 package of this healthy food and drink, you only get 2 package, and the rest we distribute for medical workers and affected people in the region, and so on. This action also opens up any donation from anyone, not limiting support by time and space and location of supporters; we also receive the donation from any other region and city and even across the country, as far away as Saudi Arabia, Korea, Switzerland.
Apamart or
Rempah Embassy

Hit&Run Investment
JaF has been invited to make an exhibition in Museum Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Seoul, but because of this Covid-19, the project has to be postponed. Luckily we can make and organize that in the long distance relationship with the help from our friends; Budnamugage, a Seoul-based art collective. With this opportunity to make an exhibition in MMCA, this time we want to invite Korean people to invest in Jatiwangi in the relational, first as a family (like kinship or or uncle-ship..), and then later grow to become like any other investment and business model. We offer our land in Jatiwangi to Korean people and everyone who is interested, and the money they invested we use to run the Hit & Run movement. This project is experimenting with some kind of “gift economy” idea; how a disadvantage can be meaning as investment in this crisis situation, and as the way to make a family with this movement.

Check the online exhibition:

Hit&Run Rapid Tes+
After three month running the Hit & Run program with many proceeds and strategy, now we have enough budget to buy the Rapid Test Kit which is super expensive. This time we try to make a Rapid Test in several PUSKESMAS (small district hospital) and start at Palasah District and Argapura District with 25 Rapid Test Kit each district. The result of course makes us happy because all the results are negative (—). But then so many speculations come to mind, because one of the districts that we’re doing the test is the most red zone of affected Covid-19 in Majalengka Region. The biggest question now; are the Covid-19 really contagious among people and distance? or the antibody of Majalengka people is quite strong to prevent this virus? or if we related to the conspiracy theory, it’s gonna be; maybe the Covid-19 virus has so many levels from the friendly to the deadly one. And so on, and so on, we never know 🙂